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Realitalia designs and promotes homes for the joy of living – homes with a vision


We create the home you’ve always dreamt of, shaped around your own individual needs and tastes. 

Realitalia’s vision blends tradition with technology, respect for local society with respect for the environment and on-site service with low maintenance costs.

We combine enjoyment with return on investment, privacy with company when you want it and stunning surroundings with relaxation and well-being.

Our homes are for those who love Italy with a passion. They are for you.

Property in Italy


Property in Italy is a good investment opportunity and italian property is not considered overvalued (according to The Economist).


It is difficult to obtain planning permissions and build new property in Italy, which safeguards both property values and the beauty of the landscape. In Italy property is rarely mortgaged, so repossessions are rare. In addition, the Italian domestic property market is very strong, since property investment in Italy has been safe and reliable over many decades.


Therefore Italy seems the obvious place to invest your money - especially in today's climate.

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Italian Real Estate

The Italian Real estate market has not yet caught up with the quality of refurbishment many of our clients are used to.


With our experience in successfully developing properties in prime London addresses we are closing this gap and offering you the standard you expect.


We are working hard to continuously being a leading innovator in the Italian Real estate market.


Homes in Italy


We want you to get maximum joy from owning your italian home and the opportunity to profit from your home’s rising value.


Our homes in Italy are set in picturesque locations, with panoramic views and ample opportunities for some privacy and tranquillity.


As well as offering charm and convenience, our italian homes are designed with careful regard for sustainability (both ecological, financial and social).


Each home includes a cost-effective concierge service and a rental system that allows you let your house when you do not use it, giving our homes in Italy an outstanding quality/cost ratio.


Many agents promise rental returns, but we have proven we can deliver strong rental yields on our previous projects.

Andrea Bocelli


If you are a fan of Andrea Bocelli, our houses and flats in Chianni and Lajatico (Andrea's birthtown) are for you.


Ville degli Olivi in Lajatico is a few steps from the famous Teatro del Silenzio, where Andrea Bocelli performs once a year with international artists, usually in the month of July.


Andrea's brother, Alberto is our architect in these projects. We share with him a deep love for this exceptional land, not only beautiful but also conveniently located at a short drive from Pisa airport and the sea, and close to these historical treasures as Lucca, Florence and Siena.


Houses for sale in Italy


Realitalia also offers a range of types of houses for sale in Italy. In fact, it is sometimes hard to differentiate between houses and apartments, since many of our apartments are designed to have an ‘own-house’ feel due to their direct entrances, beautiful private gardens and splendid open views.


Our houses usually belong to larger developments, both for security reasons and so we can offer the Management/Concierge services.


All our apartments and houses for sale in Italy can be customised to your individual tastes and needs, and come with optional personalised interior designs.


Furniture packages


We offer furniture packages to all our clients to ease the buying and choosing and to offer a level of services our English clients are accustomed to.


We have realized beautiful apartments that have been published on magazins and featured on television.


Our furniture package is an option designed especially to our clients needs.


Due to their success we offer these furniture packages also to non clients depending on the location in Italy, south of France and London.

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Discover your dreams and love of Italy with Realitalia.

The exclusive provider of intelligent designed homes in Italy’s most desirable locations. You are not only buying a beautiful Holiday Home but a home for the joy of living - a home with a vision - that will immerse you into the Italian community.


  • What makes Realitalia's freehold managed homes so outstanding?


  • Holiday homes with a concierge style of service and offerings
  • Designed to be socially responsible by Eco-friendly Green Builders
  • High-technology property management systems for worry free ownership
  • Customer guided interior design with luxury specifications
  • To help with the purchase of your Italian property you will be supported by a dedicated team of international experts who specialize in the renovation of property in Italy, interior design, property management, and Italian real estate law to facilitate a stress free purchase and ownership of your house or apartment in Italy.


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Thanks to our on-line Letting System, now fully operational, at Borgo in Chianni and Ville degli Olivi you can now obtain exceptional letting returns, guaranteed .......

Chalet 3
Property in Ski-in and Ski-out Chalets

Realitalia is proud to present a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase an individual ski-in and ski-out chalet in the beautiful village of Limone.

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These detached and semi-detached chalets have been designed to the highest Realitalia standards and built with outstanding attention to detail and respect of local traditional techniques.

Chalet 3 is a semi-detached and approximately 255 square metres (GFA, gross floor area), in addition to the garden, terraces, patios, garages and common parts.

This stunning Italian ski home is a prestigious property that is steeped in mountain character. It features a large reception and a number of bedrooms, plus a private garden that edges out onto the slopes.

Despite its cosy mountain setting, the property can be easily accessed by car with a large two-vehicle garage with direct access to the interior of the property.

All of the chalets are built from local stone and wood and boast spectacular mountain views, while also offering unparalleled levels of privacy and security too.

These Italian ski homes are rare in Limone in that they are amongst the few truly ski-in and ski-out properties in the area.

With these chalets you really can leave in the morning on your skis, enjoy a day out on the slopes and ski directly back to the door of your mountain home in the evening. You could even come home for lunch!

Uncommonly for most Italian property developers, Realitalia offers assistance in buying your holiday home in English, French and German as well as Italian.

Offering maximum convenience, we can assist you in these languages to fully personalise your home to satisfy your own unique requirements.

This gives you complete freedom to truly create an exclusive and individual Italian ski home for you and your family to experience the real joy of living.

Your Realitalia Personal Project Manager will offer you full guidance and support to help you customise your new Italian ski home to your exact and individual requirements. 

We have developed a proposal for some optional features to customise your home for your consideration; such as the mini-spa.

At Realitalia we feel it is tailored features such as these that will greatly improve your mountain experience and make your new Italian ski home a unique and welcoming place to retreat to. 

In addition to our chalets in Limone being built to exceptionally high standards, they are capable of great energy savings due to the state of the art energy insulation and carefully considered choice of heating system.

Every Realitalia home is designed to be 100% eco-friendly, with high-efficiency heating systems and thorough insulation offering both impressive thermic performance and low carbon emissions.

All chalets feature a condensing professional 4 star boiler (caldaia a condensazione) and take advantage of a low temperature under-floor heating system that contributes to substantial savings and unparalleled comfort.

Home automation facilities are also available to allow you to operate your chalet remotely.

For example you could enable the heating to be switched on in advance so that your home is heated for you on your arrival.

Extras such as these are of particular importance in a mountain setting, where both the efficiency and rapidity of the heating system can vastly improve your standard of living.

Due to exceptional intelligent design and building techniques combined with their desirable location, these beautiful and exclusive mountain residences are unique for Limone, and make for the perfect Italian ski home in a luxurious mountain setting.

If you love to ski this is a golden opportunity to purchase a wonderful Italian ski home that will give you maximum time on the slopes as well as maximum comfort and convenience off of them.

For more details, please call us on +44 (0)20 7851 4456. Alternatively, please write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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