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1 meter of snow in 2 days, Limone


Last week-end it was a real snowfall in Limone.

The forecasts said the snow would have started in the night between Friday and Saturday but in fact it began in the village on Saturday morning. In the evening children were very happy, it looked already like this:


Then it did not stop falling for all night between Saturday and Sunday, and in the morning it was fantastic:

Eventually after another day of snowfall, Sunday evening the snow was probably more than 1 meter in the village, more on the slopes.

This image was taken Sunday evening late:

Monday morning was the most beautiful day, and it gave me the opportunity to take some good shoots of the surroundings and our Italian property Holiday Homes Ski Resort and SPA in Limone.

This week is snowing again a little bit, preparing the most exceptional week-end of skiing ….

See you in Limone.


Luca Catalano (Mr)