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Why is it special? More than 5 ml Euro of Realitalia homes reserved in the last 4 weeks


If you follow Realitalia you might have noticed that in the last few weeks we reserved several properties in Limone, for a combined value in excess of 5 ml Euro.

Earlier in the month the holiday home Chalets no 7 and no 5, Front Chalet and Grand Chalet 1 were reserved. Last week also Chalet 5 and Chalet 4 of the Ski-Chalets on the Slopes of Limone 1400 went under offer.

One of the reasons is probably that the project of Villa Almellina is proceeding very well. Fantino Costruzioni is completing the first level of garages, proceeding in accordance with the plan.

There is more though. A very special attitude, a way of approaching the deep design of these homes that makes a serious, substantial difference, uncommon in this market.

In fact, after the reservations, we are now working on the customised concept designs for all these Properties with the Owners to be.

For us it is a great time, working with the future Owners to discuss their priorities (things that are important to them) trying to make the most of what is possible along those lines. It is not always possible, it is never easy but we try hard with Fantino Costruzioni who are great at their job.

In my opinion, this exercise is the most valuable aspect of our work.

To conceptualise a house combining construction, interior design, decoration and final owners’s priorities is the perfect (and only) effective way to achieve a truly high standard interior designed prime second home.

It is highly unlikely (probably impossible) that a similar level of design can be achieved starting from an already built property, without considering the time that the future owner would have to invest into such a project.

The opportunity to combine all the essential aspects of building, furnishing and decorating a house into one only conceptualisation process (aiming to maximum consistency) is the most outstanding aspect of our work.

Through this process we create amazing value for the Owners of our Properties, without any significant effort by them, since the house will be in the end delivered finished as contractually agreed.

And when we say finished we mean it ….. you can check the images of our latest hard cover brochure that features a house completed with Fantino Costruzioni the day before delivery.

Contact us at anytime should you wish to obtain YOUR own second home without compromise, completely finished, fitted, furnished and decorated, on time.

We look forward to talking to you very soon.