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+9,340,450.0% Weekly Total Reach on Facebook – Andrea Bocelli and our homes in Tuscany


Frankly I am not sure how many times in the future I will see again an "insights about your Facebook Page" similar to the one shown below, which was received yesterday.

A Weekly Total Reach of +9,340,450.0% is really something for any company….

In our case it was Andrea Bocelli who on Sunday shared some nice images about his visit to our Show Home at Ville degli Olivi in Tuscany.

My impression is it was most of all about the effort made with his brother Alberto developing these rare Italian properties in Lajatico.

These Italian homes are going to be an important resource for this area, which combines beauty, a genuine Italian character and a convenient access (both to the sea and to Pisa airport).

In fact our homes in Italy – thanks to our Management System – offer also an opportunity for the local community to obtain a sustainable touristic trend originated by both owners and guests.

It relies on the good things this land can offer. Those special aspects that enrich these villages: the beauty of the countryside, the food and wine tradition (and production), the authentic Italian atmosphere that you can breath in these historical centres: Lajatico, Chianni, Casciana Terme, Peccioli, Terricciola, Volterra etc.

It is a way to enjoy the best of this part of Tuscany, which – compared with other better known areas of this Region – is still very much an agricultural environment.

Our homes in Tuscany are designed, built and developed with the main aim to be as right as possible for this land. In other words, when we restore ancient buildings as well as when we build new properties we are extremely focused to create homes that will look as much consistent as possible with the traditional (and ancient) local building style.

Of course an endless amount of different things concur to achieve this goal, and I can tell you it is already difficult to plan it right but much more complex to actually do in accordance with the planning.

It is a mission, and for this reason not very many people embark themselves into this venture.

Our Italian property also offers a higher occupancy rate compare to ordinary second homes. Thanks to our on-line (and on-site) letting system, the guests occupancy contributes substantially to increase the presence of international tourists in the area, creating opportunities for the local community, especially young people who can decide to work and live in their land, instead of leaving to large cities looking for job opportunities.

This has an impact also on the conservation of local traditions. In this area this is relevant in various fields: gastronomy, food and wine production, agriculture, artisanry etc., things that contribute to create a unique identity and offer to those people who spend time in the area – including owners and guests – a special experience.

For a Country like Italy this is also a crucial strategic objective, increasing the relevance of sustainable tourism, thanks to carefully restored private properties that favourite the repopulating of non urban areas around in the country.

Should you wish to visit this part of Tuscany, please call us (or write to us) we will be very happy to help you to organised your trip to the area.


Luca Catalano