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A 5 years old kid shoots this beautiful land in Tuscany: this has to be a proof!



I find myself often to talk about the areas where our Italian property is located in Italy, some of which are better-known than others.

The Chianti Pisano in Tuscany is one of those not very well known, even though is in a famous Region of Italy.


Actually this was one of the very important aspects I liked much back in 2007 when I met for the first time our local business partners there.

I loved (and do now) the character, the sense of local community you can breath here. Tourism is still at early stage and you do feel a different and more genuine atmosphere, compared to more classic areas in Tuscany (and in other touristic areas of Italy).

To communicate these feelings to people there are aspects that are can be explained easily, for example the fact that Lajatico and Chianni are at only 40 minutes driving to Pisa Airport and to the sea, so extremely accessible. Or that driving for less than 1 hour you reach extraordinary architectural and historical cities like Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pistoia, San Giminiano, Volterra and – of course – Pisa.

It is relatively easy also to say to people that our homes in Tuscany are inside these small medieval towns and – despite this – these Italian homes have large and panoramic private gardens and swimming pools.

But when it comes to beauty it gets suddenly more difficult to transfer the concept….. words seem incapable to deliver.

This time though I have got a solid proof!

In fact instead of saying to you about the views, the lack of buildings on these extraordinary cultivated hills, the well kept vineyards etc. I am showing my 5 years old kid shoots, he took last month with his own digital camera!

This has to be effective: literally a kid’s game, when the landscape is such a scenographic enviroment, as it is here.

Ciao a tutti,

Luca Catalano