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A great ski-season and an unexpected opportunity to explore the Cuneo Province (natural SPAs, historical towns, gastronomic destinations..) – Limone


Last week-end was the closing of the ski season for us and it was a fantastic ski session.

Actually this year the "official season" would end on May 1 that is quite late for Limone. On the other hand this winter we had meters of snow. Even now there are still more than 3 meters at the top.

The children had ax excellent time and their skiing skills have progressed considerably, we are now able to ski all together having fun…..

Actually even Tanja and I had developed a much better technique thanks to Giorgio of the Equipe who organised this advanced skiers course that was very effective for us.

During the Winter I wrote a few times about this ski (and apres-ski) experience in Limone.

We are very happy about it. We have been doing a lot with our great friends; this is one good thing of Limone, we enjoy a very international community there, people from Germany, Britain, Norway, Sweden, USA, Austria, Monaco, France and of course Italy.

Another good things was that we managed to do a lot both locally and at a short driving. This in fact was a bit of a surprise for me. Being Piemonte one of the best region of Italy for food and wine, I knew that locally you can find some of the best restaurants (even to Italian standard) I have ever tried, like the Restaurant Nazionale in Vernante as well as Lu Taz or il Bagatto in Limone. What I was happy to learn is that by driving less than 1 hour from Limone you have a number of very interesting things to do, and places to explore.

This is our day at Vinadio thermae bath with the children. At less than 1 hour from Limone it was a great day under the snow. Children were very happy even though the place would need a bit of refreshing. Great experience the snow bathing anyway…..

Another natural thermae is in Lurisia (again less than 1 hour driving from Limone), we came there once and eventually we took the opportunity to visit Mondovi’. It was a complete surprise, with this monumental historical centre from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the nearby hills, is a great few hours of shopping with dinner in one of the excellent restaurants in the top square.

Probably this proximity of Limone to a number of Italian towns full of character like Cuneo, Mondovi’, Saluzzo, Barolo, Alba (and the truffles’ region) etc. is something that normally people do not think about.

Other ski destinations tend to be quite isolated and especially if you spend an entire season there, as well as if you own your Italian home in Limone, this would make a substantial difference; at least for us, being able to explore locally with a short drive makes the all experience much more interesting.

I look forward to meeting you next season on the slopes.


Luca Catalano