Who We Are? At Realitalia we strive to create superbly finished homes that will exceed your expectations.

Desirable real estate in Italy could be yours with Realitalia

Everyone at Realitalia is dedicated to creating superbly finished homes that will exceed your expectations.

Indeed, we have an impressive international background in a variety of real estate industries with the team consisting of people from England, France, Italy and Germany. Our offices are in London and the South of France.

If you are interested in buying Italian real estate then you will appreciate that we have more than 20 years of experience in purchasing, designing, financing and selling as well as developing properties in France, Monaco, London, Switzerland, Berlin and, of course, Italy.

The style and taste we bring to every project

With so much experience and expertise available to you, you will appreciate this breadth of international experience as a valuable contribution to the style and taste we bring to every project to create a unique and stylish home; our aim is to deliver a property that is unlike anything else available on the property market.

For instance, in Tuscany we are growing our long-term collaboration with Alberto Bocelli who is a great architect and brother of Andrea Bocelli, the world-famous tenor.

For those who explore more about the properties available in Italy on the Realitalia website, they will appreciate that the projects have given us a wonderful opportunity in returning these ancient buildings to their original splendour.

Optional management service and letting system

In addition, our properties come with an optional management service and letting system which enables owners to rent out their properties easily as holiday homes or to allow friends and family the freedom to use the property when they are not occupied. By doing so, this can indirectly help create jobs and opportunities for the local community.

Another project to enhance the potential of this extraordinary part of Tuscany will be the creation of a super-panoramic Spa with indoor pool. More information and pictures can be found on www.realitalia.co.uk (sale) and www.tuscanyvillasandapartments.com (letting).

When it comes to looking for real estate in Italy, the Realitalia properties are conceived with the idea of being not just beautiful but also truly enjoyable and well located. Each development has been chosen for its location, position, outside space and vista. It is these elements that help give you peace of mind when choosing your Italian property.

Italian homes are available

It should be appreciated too that these Italian homes are available with our additional services including remote utilities, keyless access, the Realitalia furniture package as well as an effective on-site management service.
More about the management aspects of Realitalia properties can be found at: https://www.realitalia.co.uk/management

Also, security is factored into consideration for you and our clients find this management service works particularly well when they are away from the property for long durations.

We are proud to say that for anyone looking for real estate in Italy, then Realitalia’s properties are likely to exceed your expectations.

If you are considering purchasing a property in Italy, then please contact us on +44 20 78514456.

Luca’s quote

So, why use Realitalia to buy property in Italy?

If you have never heard of Realitalia and are looking at real estate in Italy and wondering why you should use our services to buy property in the country, then this would be a good question.

I would like to explain why Realitalia should be your first and only choice when it comes to finding property experts for Italian real estate.

Firstly, we have more than 20 years of experience in finding and then creating unique homes for clients and we do this by working closely with developers to offer prestigious homes in desirable locations.

No other business offering quite matches what we do

In addition, there is no other business offering that quite matches what we do which is to enable you to buy property in Italy from the beginning of your search right through to the moment you move into your new home. And our involvement does not end there since we offer an excellent aftersales service to ensure the property remains cared for.

We also offer a lettings service for those who want their Italian property to generate a rental income and many clients have enjoyed our interior design service to create a unique and impressive property. We’re pleased to say that our property creations cannot be replicated anywhere else in Italy because they are truly unique.

Property professionals offering excellent Italian properties

I’m also pleased to say that as property professionals offering excellent Italian properties that our service is unbeatable and we deliver, as we are proud to say, ‘Simply better homes’.

It’s important to note however that we are not ordinary real estate agents for selling Italian properties since we only deal with selected property developments which we have been able to plan right from the beginning.

For more information about what Realitalia can do for you in providing impressive and unique properties in Italy, then please call me on +44 20 78514456 or email me directly on l.catalano@realinvest.co.uk.









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Viviana Bava


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We offer

Management/Interior Design

Buying and then managing real estate in Italy should be left to the experts and the Realitalia team offers an excellent management and letting service as well as impressive interior design.

British/Italian Mentality buffer

It sounds like a strange offer but here at Realitalia we provide the understanding between two different legal and property systems which can be frustrating for those who do not understand them.

Italian legal system knowledge

Ensuring the purchasing of Italian real estate goes smoothly means understanding Italy’s legal system will prove invaluable and the knowledge of the Realitalia team built-up over 20 years is second-to-none.

Mortgage Help

For those who would like to buy a property in Italy with a mortgage, we can help! The Realitalia team has extensive knowledge and the financial contacts to help deliver a tailored mortgage solution to help deliver a dream Italian property.

Turn key solutions

Sometimes it’s just easier to move into an Italian property that has already been designed and fitted out to the highest possible specification and for those who are looking for this ‘turnkey solution’ then the Realitalia team can help. Contact us to find out about the quality real estate in Italy we can deliver.

After sales setup

Realitalia is dedicated to delivering the very best in customer service and that doesn’t just extend to selling and helping to design a quality Italian home but we also offer aftersales assistance which you will find invaluable.