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All the exclusive Realitalia attention to detail from under 500,000 Euro – Ski-Chalets Limone


You can now purchase a house (either independent or semi-independent) with all the Realitalia attention to detail, starting from less than 500,000 Euro.

Thanks to the new releases at Limone 1400 and Villa Almellina Estate, right now you can choose among 6 properties that start under 500,000 Euro (4 Chalets, plus 2 apartments).

On the Slopes of Limone 1400: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/property-search/65-piemonte-limone-1400-cn

    •    Ski-Apartment on the Slopes no 3: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/property-search/65-piemonte-limone-1400-cn/459-chalet-3-concept-design
    •    Ski-Apartment on the Slopes no 4: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/property-search/65-piemonte-limone-1400-cn/460-chalet-4-concept-design
    •    Ski-Chalet on the Slopes no 5: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/property-search/65-piemonte-limone-1400-cn/461-chalet-5-concept-design

At Villa Almellina Estate, 5 minutes walking to slopes and the pedestrian village of Limone: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/property-search/64-piemonte-limone-villa-almellina-estate

    •    Holiday Homes Ski-Chalet no 3: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/property-search/64-piemonte-limone-villa-almellina-estate/471-chalet-3
    •    Holiday Homes Ski-Chalet no 5: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/property-search/64-piemonte-limone-villa-almellina-estate/469-chalet-5
    •    Holiday Homes Ski-Chalet no 6: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/property-search/64-piemonte-limone-villa-almellina-estate/468-chalet-6

Act quickly though, contact us now – +44 20 78514456 or write to us –  these homes will not last long, they are super-rare properties for Limone, with a proper Realitalia Management System in place: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/your-advantages, and the Realitalia Interior Design Service: https://www.realitalia.co.uk///en/furniture-package

Looking forward to talking to you very soon.

All the best,


(*) Some of the properties are residential others Holiday Homes, please contact us for further details.