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Andrea Bocelli shared our images: These Italian homes are an opportunity for this exceptional part of TUSCANY


Yesterday Andrea Bocelli shared our Facebook post about his visit to our Show Home at Ville degli Olivi.

I am not sure how to express our happiness to see our efforts rewarded by this exceptional event.

Only yesterday nearly 300,000 people saw the images, more than 9000 liked the post and circa 450 produced lovely comments about both the properties and of course Andrea.

But for us it is much more than this.

It is about the vision by which these Italian properties are thought, designed, built and organised (with a proper Management System in place).

These Italian homes are different.

Our owners can enjoy them effortlessly, being developed – since a very early stage – with the specific main object to become Homes for the Joy of Living.

They really are Simply better homes, they offer an exceptional early design work, an unparalleled choice in term of products and technology, and they are thought to be managed easily, with the additional plus of a proper on-line letting system.

So that those owners who wish so can obtain a solid letting return effectively, thanks to our professional letting system, with an on-line calendar, credit card payments facilities and our on-site concierge system that create an outstanding real estate offer for both the guests and the owners: http://www.tuscanyvillasandapartments.com

Also for those owners who do not wish to let out their home in Italy, the on-line letting system is very advantageous, since it allows them to obtain a professional management service at a fraction of the cost that otherwise would be.

A win-to-win situation that also creates a concrete resource for this genuine Tuscan land, offering the opportunity to locals to grow a sustainable tourist opportunity, built on the character, the beauty and the excellent access of this part of Tuscany.

Pursing these principles we are proud to say that earlier in the year we obtained the planning permission to build the first private super-panoramic SPA of the area.

I would be delighted to show you our properties in Tuscany at anytime.


Luca Catalano – l.catalano@realinvest.co.uk