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Another day excursion from our property in Italy. The Realitalia Wine Route trip from Lajatico and Chianni, Tuscany



Again on the topic of exploring the territory around our homes in Italy.

This time we talk about the Wine Route that connects to several little town and villages in this part of Tuscany, giving you the opportunity to visit wine productions and the land where the grapes grow, at few minutes driving from your Home in Italy, in this case in Lajatico and Chianni.

From these hills, the view of the cultivated fields is simply amazing, as you can see from this image – courtesy of Tommaso Burgalassi – that was taken locally.


As you will see on the Realitalia IN Toscana MAP, the complete journey actually crosses several villages: San Miniato, Fauglia, Lorenzana, Crespina, Palaia, Lajatico, Chianni, Peccioli, Terricciola, Capannoli, Lari, Casciana Terme e Pontedera for a total of circa 120/140 km (circa 80/90 miles), considering also the way back from San Miniato to Pontedera.

Nevertheless you have the opportunity to organise your exploration with maximum flexibility, and – for example – decide for a more local tour.

You can simply drive from Lajatico to Terricciola, Cevoli, Fauglia, Casciana e Chianni ad then you get back to Lajatico direct, without really doing the same route twice (see below an abstract from the Google Map itinerary).


This trip would make a sort of 70 km ring (about 45 miles) – from our Property at Ville degli Olivi and Borgo in Chianni – and offer some of the most interesting panoramas of the area as well as the opportunity to stop for lunch, a coffee’, brunch etc. in one of these characteristic villages you will find on your way (on the  IN Toscana MAP some suggestions).

If you then feel particularly sporty, you can do all or part of the trip by bicycle, the uphill are sweet but of course you need some training.

Alternatively you can approach the trip by motorcycle….. (on the  IN Toscana MAP you will find some suggestions if you wish to rent a motorbike, a bike or a Vespa).

I suggest you also plan a couple of stops to learn more about the wine production, visiting the wine farms on you way.

Thanks to our local partners, and of course to Alberto Bocelli who run the Bocelli Farm, we get to know some of the many farms in the area.

Beside the Cantina Bocelli in Lajatico, where you can get organised a private wine tasting (maybe with Alberto Bocelli himself if you are lucky), I could suggest for example The Fattoria di Fibbiano and The Fattoria Pieve de’ Pitti, both in Terricciola, at few kilometres from Lajatico and Chianni. They are all owned and run by very passionate families and would make a good opportunity for you to learn more about the wine production in the area, as well as for example to show to your children how wine is produced in Italy.

Of course a copy of our IN Tuscana MAP would help during your exploration, so call us or write to us with your address for a complimentary copy.

Feel free to contact me at 020 78514456 to know more about the Wine Route at anytime.


Luca Catalano