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Aperitivo Ville degli Olivi, Lajatico, presentation of Maggiorana, one of our Italian Homes in Tuscany



Last week was an excellent and challenging week in Tuscany.

Beside the Teatro del Silenzio that took place on Thursday evening (see my other Blog on Andrea Bocelli and the Teatro del Silenzio), on Friday we had our Aperitivo at Ville degli Olivi.

Maggiorana – our one bedroom top floor restoration – had been completed, furnished and fitted with a Realitalia Premium Furniture Package, so the Aperitivo was there.


This Italian home looks now cosy and hospitable, with its strong Tuscan character and its original features, it is one of my preferred properties in Italy. You can watch also a few images now available on the web-site.

The flair of the fitting and furniture certainly helps a lot but also the "fundamentals" of this property are strong.

Maggiorana enjoys an exceptional view over the cultivated fields, Volterra and the all valley, the panorama is just breathtaking. And plus it benefits of all the privileges of being within this small development, which – despite being at 90 seconds from the main square of Lajatico – enjoys an extraordinary garden with an outstanding super-panoramic swimming pool, and – of course – the Realitalia Management System.

Last Friday people who come over to visit us shared my view, and loved the flat, its character, the view and overall the rare situation of this Italian property in Tuscany.

We eat some pizza and other finger food prepared by these young guys who recently opened the new place on Via Garibaldi, at few meters from Ville degli Olivi, and we drunk Alberto Bocelli’s vine, it was a lovely evening and the opportunity to spend some time all together.

Thank you to all who came over, I hope to see you all very soon in Tuscany.

Very best regards,

Luca Catalano