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Why you should buy real estate in Italy

The numbers of people looking to buy real estate in Italy are growing and there are many reasons why this is so.
Firstly, the ‘beautiful country’ (Bel paese) is a huge attraction with an excellent culture and way of life on offer for those who make the effort to live there.

It’s not just about the food, however, there is a good mix of innovation and tradition as well as properties but a lot depends on the region where the property buyer is thinking of heading.

Property in Italy is still relatively good value

It should also be appreciated that according to the OECD, property in Italy is still relatively good value and in many areas, it is undervalued. Since Italians earn less than the European average, the property market in Italy is still among the most affordable of European countries.

Another big attraction for buying real estate in Italy is that it’s an easy place to get to and from; there are more than 35 international airports spread around the country and they connect with cities around Europe and North America on a regular basis. There are also many low-cost airlines operating from Italy too.
There’s no getting away from the fact that Italy is also a popular tourist destination and it ranks in fifth place of the world’s biggest attractions.

Real estate buyers in Italy

While the tourist attractions are crowded in the summer months, once potential real estate buyers in Italy get off the beaten track means they can find an authentic part of the country that will deliver an excellent home in beautiful surroundings.

It should also be appreciated too that once you decide to buy a property in Italy, the process is one of the quickest in Europe. Also, for cash buyers, the process is much quicker than for those who are buying with a mortgage.

Finally, while Italy is famous for its food and wine there’s a lot to recommend living close to a beach and there are lots of opportunities to live near to an unspoiled and unpolluted beach for those quality relaxing times we all enjoy.

Information about buying property in Italy

For more information about buying property in Italy or any other real estate questions, then contact the helpful team at Realitalia.