Plan your inspection – Colletta di Castelbianco, Liguria

Colletta di Castelbianco | Castelbianco (SV), Liguria
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Nearest airport: Genova (97 km distance)
Other airports: Nizza (130 km distance)
Nearest train station: Albenga (17 km distance)

Taxi from Albenga to Colletta ca 30 euros

Hotels and restaurants:possibility to rent a flat in the village please look at

in village Telecafè Colletta, Tel 0182 778244

near village Hotel Restaurant Scola – V. Pennavaire 166 – Castelbianco (SV), Tel 0182 77015

near village Hotel Restaurant Da Gin – V. Pennavaire 99 – Castelbianco (SV), Tel 0182 77001

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