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Complimentary lunch to understand more, October 02, Holiday Home Resort & SPA



It is now a few weeks that the Show Home at the Resort Casa Vacanza & SPA Dominio San Sebastiano was fitted and furnished.


This is not the only news, there are many others, maybe less visible, but that are heading towards the completion of the Resort in the next few months. 

Starting from the last quarter of this year, the holiday homes will begin to be delivered.

Also the organising of the Management System is underway, 2012 is planned to be the first season of this extraordinary Holiday Home Resort, a rare opportunity in Italy, especially in this Region.

This concept offers the opportunity to the owners to enjoy an organised environment with a number of shared facilities upon lower costs, thanks to the Letting Management System and the Holiday Home planning destination.

As an owner you can opt for a rental guaranteed that would generate a safe income from your Holiday Home in Italy, or simply use your home and let it out through the Letting Management System the rest of time.

In addition the Resort has been designed to be one of the most energy sustainable projects of this kind in Italy. It will achieve a very high energy certification, some of these buildings would use up to 19 times less thermal energy than a traditionally built house.

To create an opportunity for you to meet with the people who are "behind the stages" of this ambitious project, we organised an aperitivo/light lunch on Sunday 02 October at 11.30 in the Show Home at the Resort.

You will be our guest for lunch. We would be really happy to meet you there to chat about the all things you feel are relevant to your purchase at the Resort Casa Vacanza & SPA Dominio San Sebastiano.

Please note that we designed this event for a restricted group of people, to have the opportunity to talk to people with the right amount of time available, so it is essential you confirm your presence within closing business on Monday September 26.

I look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you at the Resort.

Very best regards,

Luca Catalano (Mr)