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The Currency War: Is it that relevant when You buy a Realitalia Freehold Managed Property in Italy?



Lately, media have talked about the “currency war."

The three or four largest economic powers in the world strive to make their currency more “convenient” to favor their own economic interest in the international markets.

Currency levels are thought to be relevant for many aspects of globalized living, especially if you’re planning to purchase a holiday home abroad, such as a property in Italy.


Is it really that important? Do these currency levels really matter that much?

Frankly … not really.

If you are planning to purchase one of our Italian properties, it’s secondary.

First of all, the decision to buy one of our Italian homes is a lifestyle choice, something that can increase your joy of life and entrench you in local Italian culture and way of life.

Secondly, and this is actually an issue we’ve addressed long ago, we’ve designed our purchase process in a way that the effect of a potential uneven exchange rate against the Euro can be reduced significantly.

When you purchase a Realitalia home in Italy, normally you are asked to pay only 25% of your purchase price when you sign the Preliminary Contract, while paying the rest upon delivery and legal completion.

This allows you to apply for a mortgage – potentially in Euro – and, if your application is successful, you can restrict your purchase of Euro only to a fraction of the entire amount.

To help make this process even easier, also creating an income in the local currency, we also offer the ability to obtain rental guarantees that can be as much as to 5% of the purchase price of your Italian property.

Of course, we can do that with thanks to the Realitalia Management System that includes a thorough Letting Management and Promotion to achieve solid returns – in Euro – on your Italian real estate investment.

Additionally, from time to time you’ll have access to our various Realitalia Italian property promotions.

For example, our FREE Furniture Package offer, which spiced up your benefits for choosing a Realitalia home in Italy by giving you furniture and fitting in your Italian home included in the purchase price.

Feel free to call me, or to comment on our blogs at any time. We would be delighted to discuss 
your comments and supply you with further information about purchasing property in Italy with Realitalia.