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A day trip to a Tuscan SPA town, from one of our properties in Italy



Today and for a few weeks to come I would like to talk about a few suggestions on what to do, while in one of our properties in Italy travelling for a short distance from our Italian property.

Actually already last week I wrote about this short trip from property in West Liguria.

This week we will talk about Tuscany, and in particular Lajatico and Chianni, our homes in Italy near the sea, Pisa and Volterra.


This is a great location.

Beside being the home-land of Andrea Bocelli, who was born in Lajatico, in my opinion it is one of the best parts of Tuscany.

Probably the only one that can combine an outstanding countryside beauty with a 40 minutes access to the best Tourist airport in Italy (Pisa airport, see also my Blog Pisa airport with its 16 UK destinations is one of the best in Italy) and with an easy half an hour drive to the sea.

In addition there are a number of interesting things that are at hand while in the area.

Today we will start with a day to Casciana Terme, a locally well-known SPA town near Chianni and Lajatico.

Casciana is at about 7 kms from Chianni (less than 5 miles) and about 15 kms from Lajatico (circa 10 miles).

The route that connects Chianni with Casciana is one of the most panoramic road I have ever seen in Tuscany.

Driving to Casciana on your right side you get this fabulous view of the valley with its cultivated fields and vineyards (see image for a view from that road).

I then suggest you drive to Chianni, possibly you get a real Italian coffee at the Chicco Bar (Piazza IV Novembre in Chianni), and you get back on the road to Casciana Terme.

From Chianni to Casciana it is circa 10/15 minutes. About the same from Lajatico to Chianni.

In Casciana you get at least two possibilities for your SPA experience.

Firstly, the Terme di Casciana, good if you are with Children or teenagers and you wish to enjoy ad easy environment and a large hot water pool. They are at no 9 Piazza Garibaldi, 56034 (PI) – for info and opening hours please note to follow a link to the Italian version of the Terme di Casciana web-site since unfortunately on the English version most of info is not highlighted: http://www.termedicasciana.com/terme_toscana/prenotazioni_online.htm

You can find a parking space arriving on then road around the outside of the SPA, normally would not be a problem. If you have problem there – provided that it is not the day of the market – you can drive to the Square of the Market between Via Dante Alighieri and Via Giovanni Pascoli and then walk back to the Terme.

Be careful with the opening times since as often in Italy some services – especially public facilities – stop for lunch and might be closed on Sunday. You find more information about this on the link above: http://www.termedicasciana.com/terme_toscana/prenotazioni_online.htm

Secondly, if you fancy some thing a little bit more sophisticated and a romantic surroundings, I suggest you check the Terme Villa Borri, Hotel and SPA, a 4 stars with a good a atmosphere.

You can call them directly for details +39 0587 644 644 they probably would arrange also parking for you and – if you wish so – treatments and massages in total relax. You can visit their web-site at the following link: http://www.termevillaborri.com/tuscany_apartments/tuscany_spa_wellness_treatments.htm

Of course, it is a good idea to get one of the Realitalia  IN Toscana MAP, where you can locate a number of suggestions on the area, including activities, restaurants, hotels, excursions etc.

Call us to the 020 7851 4456 or drop a line with your physical address, we will send a complimentary copy to you.

Let me know if you found useful these suggestions and write to me for any additional clarification/suggestion.

Very best regards,

Luca Catalano