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Summer 2011 first deliveries in Tuscany, our Italian property at Ville degli Olivi and Borgo in Chianni



Last week, I was very proud to visit Borgo in Chianni and Ville degli Olivi, our Italian property in Tuscany.


Despite the exceptional rainfalls Italy has suffered from the end of the summer 2010 (compared with the previous winter, they have been unusually high), the builders have managed to catch up with the original plan.

It looks now likely that the first Italian homes at  Ville degli Olivi will be completed (and delivered) either in June or July 2011.

As a matter of fact some of the works at  Ville degli Olivi required a persistent dry weather to be able to finalise the 3 new houses foundations as well as the covered parking spaces (and the technical rooms).

Thanks to the dedication of Alberto Bocelli’s Office and the builders, we are now aiming towards an expected delivery of the first 4 Italian properties (the restored units inside the main building at  Ville degli Olivi) during the Summer 2011.

We might be even able to host our first guests within the Letting Management and Promotion System already in July, August and September 2011: we will keep you updated!

Works at  Borgo in Chianni also proceed very well.

One of the buildings – as you can see in the image – is actually starting to take shape.

I think you can now realise the amount of design work that went into this project to create very TRADITIONAL houses, even though newly built.

These Italian homes will eventually look fully integrated into the landscape and certainly be more desirable (and valuable) than the many modern buildings designed with less attention to details.

In my opinion the right amount of design, products selection etc. on a new building is even more difficult (and more important) than on an older property restoration.

It is essential that new constructions in rural areas, like the Tuscan countryside, retain a strong traditional character, fully consistent with the location.

Here, everyone at the development team has actually worked really hard to this end, and these Italian property is starting to show the results.

We will keep you informed of the news but feel free to write to me direct to know more.

Very best regards,

Luca Catalano (Mr)