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Peace of mind…delivered by our Italian Property: the Freehold Property Management System

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I talk to a lot of people.

Almost everyone brings up the quality of our property in Italy, the intelligent design, the use of space, the common elements (swimming pools, SPAs, gardens etc.) and our attention to green sustainability and global preservation. These are all wonderful, but few property developers now offer these kinds of advantages also in Italy. So what separates Realitalia from other players in the Italian real estate market?

Bedroom Show Home_1.jpeg

When people come across Realitalia Homes, they become captivated by the concepts behind Realitalia Freehold Managed Homes in Italy … our fantastic property Management System.

In fact, our System is truly innovative for the Italian market.

Until very recently, no one had taken up the concept of Freehold Property Management, which we feel (and have felt since 2000, when we started) is essential to be able to enjoy a second home abroad, and even more specifically, in Italy.

The Realitalia model of Freehold Property Management is based on the simple concept that there cannot be joy without convenience. And for the owners of our Italian Homes, this model provides:

1. The convenience of a professional Management System for your second home in Italy.

2. The advantages of a private residence, for both private comfort and financial return.

You can learn more about how the Realitalia Management System works on our website’s Your Advantages page.

There you can also read about our Three Tiers of Services that create an organized, sustainable and economical property.

What is Realitalia’s Freehold Property Management System?


First and foremost, our Freehold Management System offers you satisfaction in lifestyle.

You’ll gain considerable piece of mind, giving you more time to enjoy your Italian home with your family and friends. While you are here, you can depend on us to take care of you completely. And possibly even more importantly – when family and friends visit your property, you can trust that they are in good hands.

In financial terms, our Freehold Property Management System handles your Italian property while you are gone if you so choose.

This means that we will let your home in Italy, producing a solid return on investment for you, and building capital from it.

With this System, you can even obtain a rental guarantee for several years after the purchase of your Realitalia Managed Home, which can bring you as much as 5% of the original price.

Things are starting to sound pretty good.

This asset can truly become a fantastic economic decision for you and your family. Build capital through our Management System by letting when you are gone while your property appreciates in the value of the most desired vacation locations on the planet. You can read more about these investment opportunities in our Realitalia Investment Section.

It seems that fractional ownership programs are starting to offer more and more conveniences at low cost to owners. I must say, I’m incredibly excited to see this trend beginning across Italy; a trend that we knew was fundamental 10 years ago is now becoming more commonplace.

But still, many fractional ownership programs are offering low prices and still giving you even less.

Not only are you not really buying an asset, meaning that you can’t personalize it, you can’t use as you wish, you can’t truly build a stable relationship with the local community but – on a practical note – you are not actually building any value on your investment in Italy.

Honestly, most other programs just cannot bring the kinds of economic or convenient advantages you get by owning a property in Italy managed by Realitalia Freehold Managed Homes.

Please contact me for further information about what differentiates Realitalia from other ownership programs in Italy, in property, luxury, and management.

Don’t wait to find start building equity in an Italian second home.

And don’t miss out on the vacations of a lifetime.

Comment on this blog and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear any feedback on this subject.