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An evening at the Genoa’s historical centre – Il Centro Storico di Genova



A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend an evening with some old friends in Genoa, in its glorious historical centre.

You might know that it is one of the largest historical centres in Europe and well-know for its narrow little streets (vicoli) and squares that lead from the centre of the city (Piazza de Ferraris, Piazza Fontane Marose, Via Cairoli etc) to the port.

Now the area of the Porto Antico, as well as large part of the historical centre itself, has been greatly improved, actually it used to be quite rough (and in certain parts still is).

In many areas, for example in Via San Lorenzo, cars are not allowed any longer and this has created a completely different atmosphere, with people walking until late in the evenings especially during week-ends.


The area is also much safer now and a variety of small restaurants, places to drink, bars etc. were born. The movida here – during week-ends – is very exiting; it is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself into something that really belong to this very domestic city, not very well-known to the international tourism trend.

You are only at a few miles from our Italian homes in Liguria. Both Dominio San Sebastiano and Colletta are not far.

By car from Colletta it is about 1 hour driving, 40/45 minutes from Dominio San Sebastiano. When you get out from the highway at "Genova Ovest", you follow for the "Acquario/Porto Antico", you will find yourself on a flying road called "Sopraelevata", from which you will need to exit following the indications "Acquario/Porto Antico".

It is a nice trip, in the summer after the beach – taking advantage of the long days – you can drive to Genoa in the late afternoon for an aperitivo in the "Centro Storico" and then to dine in one of these characteristic restaurants.

Let me know if you liked Genoa’s typical historical centre.


Luca Catalano