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Government bonds delivers 0 per cent returns and auctions are successful (?!!?)

You can get a lot more from a Realitalia property plus capital appreciation and most important the pleasure to purchase your own Italian retreat.

In accordance with Il Sole 24 Ore, probably the most important Italian Financial newspaper:
yesterday auction for the Italian Government bonds went well, despite returns are close to 0%… At Ville degli Olivi in Tuscany for example we expect to be able to obtain gross rental returns above 5% and – if you wish to be sure – you can actually get a rental guarantee of 4% for two years after your purchase (terms and conditions apply).

At Dominio San Sebastiano in Liguria you can also get a similar rental guarantee.

Of course we also expect that these properties, due both to their qualities and to the market trend, will offer capital appreciation in the medium term, which will add up to the letting income.

It looks like a win-to-win situation, considering that – probability for most people is even more important – you gain also the pleasure to purchase (and enjoy) your own Italian retreat.

Why people still buy Governments bonds?

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