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Italy Property

In Italy property has been highly rated for many years as a good investment opportunity, and property here is not considered overvalued (according also to The Economist). It is difficult to obtain planning permissions and build new property in Italy, which safeguards both property values and the beauty of the landscape.

In Italy property is rarely mortgaged, so repossessions are rare. In addition, the Italian domestic property market is very strong, since property investment in Italy has been safe and reliable over many decades. Therefore Italy seems the obvious place to invest your money – especially in today’s climate.

Apartments Italy

We want you to get maximum pleasure from owning your own home and the chance to profit from your apartment’s rising value. Our apartments in Italy are set in picturesque locations, with panoramic views and ample opportunities for some privacy and tranquillity. As well as offering charm and convenience, our apartments are designed with careful regard for sustainability (both ecological, financial and social). Each apartment includes a cost-effective concierge service and a rental system that allows you let your apartment when you do not use it, giving our apartments in Italy an outstanding quality/cost ratio. Many agents promise rental, but we have proven we can deliver strong rental yields on our previous projects.

Houses in Italy

Realitalia also offers a range of types of houses in Italy. In fact, it is sometimes hard to differentiate between houses and apartments, since many of our apartments have an ‘own-house’ feel due to their direct entrances, beautiful private gardens and splendid open views. Our houses usually belong to larger developments, both for security reasons and so we can offer the services mentioned above. All our apartments and houses in Italy can be customised to your individual tastes and needs, and come with optional Furniture Packages or personalised interior designs.


To take the first step towards owning a beautiful Italian property without any of the hassle, call us today on 0870 890 9936.

Discover your dreams and love of Italy with Real Italia

The exclusive provider of intelligent designed homes in Italy’s most desirable locations. You are not only buying a beautiful Holiday Home but a Lifestyle Solution Home that will immerse you into the Italian community.

  • What are Lifestyle Solution Italian Homes?
  • – Holiday homes with a concierge style of service and offerings
  • – Designed to be socially responsible by Eco-friendly Green Builders
  • – High-technology property management systems for worry free ownership
  • – Customer guided interior design with luxury specifications


To help with the purchase of your Italian property will be supported by a dedicated team of international experts who specialize in the renovation of property in Italy, interior design, property management, and Italian real estate law to facilitate a stress free purchase and ownership of your house or apartment in Italy.