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Homes for the joy of living = good investment? Why we think so

Homes for the joy of living = good investment? Why we think so


A Realitalia home is for your Joy of Living. Actually we have never really separated too much the concept of joy and convenience with the investment angle. We believe they are deeply interdependent.

In fact:

  • By creating very well thought homes we also create strong capital appreciation potential. We call this profound work on our Italian Homes Intelligent Design, see more on Your Advantages
  • By working very hard on the organization of the Management System and its economy of scale, we strive to create the opportunity for you to obtain functional and economical services, in a way these Italian Homes can be effectively managed with affordable costs
  • Thanks to the Letting Management and Promotion System, the Realitalia Homes offer a concrete possibility to obtain good rental returns (and solid capital appreciation potential for investors). The Realitalia Letting Management and Promotion System of our property in Italy produces a solid base to achieve an pro-active letting management of your Italian home.


A professional approach not only to the management itself but especially to an international letting marketing of your Italian property generates a strong opportunity to obtain substantial returns on letting.

An Italian home that can produce good letting return with little management by the owner is – in our opinion – a valuable investment.

Many people see it this way.

In fact, we noted that our Italian homes tend to produce a stronger capital appreciation than just the market trend.

We are so confident on our property in Italy that we are happy to offer you guaranteed rental returns on most of  the Italian Properties we deal with.

In addition by combining it with a financial leverage – link to Mortgage Information – you can achieve even higher returns on your equity.

For a more concrete approach, we have developed the buy to let case studies. They are just examples and do not offer any guarantee that these results will eventually be achieved in the future but it looks to us a good way to discuss things in greater details.

To discuss it further, please call us +44 (0)20 7851 4456 or write to us, we will promptly contact you back.