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ITALY, a great tourism potential? The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011



Reading The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011 by the World Economic Forum I find a large number of interesting data.

In particular I was (also) glad – and not surprised – to read that Italy on one hand stands at the third place in the world for Number of World Heritage cultural sites and on the other in the index of Government prioritisation of the T&T industry is listed at the 76th place!


Thinking positive, I feel that this information shows a great potential for the tourism industry in the Country and, more in detail, for our property in Italy.

Our homes in Italy in fact – as you probably know – have also a tourism angle, since they can rely on a proper Management System that can provide also a professional Letting Management and Promotion for those owners who wish to let their property out when they do not use it.

My point is that if the Italian Government actually starts to think about tourism as a real resource for Italy (as it did recently creating a specific Tourism Minister) and acts accordingly (and effectively), the situation can go only increasingly better.

In fact not only the raw material is already there (I refer to all the good things Italy can offer) but in recent years Italy has also been much less able, compared for example to France and Spain, to attract tourists, despite its beauties.

A bright future ahead for Italy – and our Italian homes – as a tourism destination then, since the Country does not only feature a lot of exceptional attractions but also a very high quality of life, thanks also to its high standard enogastronomic sector, based on deep local traditions.

In connection with that, I would like to mention that tomorrow – Thursday 10 November – it will start in Chianni the 36th Sagra del Cinghiale (Wild-bore Sagra), which is likely to attract – as every single year – thousands of local (and less local) visitors to Chianni and the area.

By the way – if the weather is good – Autumn is in my opinion one of the best periods of the year to visit Tuscany.

If you are thinking to come over, write to me direct, I will be there myself this coming week-end.


Luca Catalano (Mr)