Mortgage information

The financial market in Italy has developed considerably in the last few years.

Despite the recent more stringent policies that the banks have adopted globally, it is still well possible and often advantageous to apply for a mortgage in Italy to purchase your Italian property.

Helping you against a weak currency

This is particularly true if you wish to avoid the purchase of large amount of Euros, for example waiting for a recovery of your own currency.

For example if you had bought your property in Italy in December 2008 by leveraging the purchase of your Italian property with a mortgage you would have saved a considerable amount of money just on the exchange rate.

In fact in the following 12/14 months the Pound got stronger against the Euro gaining more than 10%.

More resources to purchase more joy and more value for you

Using a mortgage it could also allow you to make the right purchase instead of being restricted to a unrealistic budget, buying a cheap Italian real estate.

To be able to have more resources, it would mean more quality of life, more enjoyment and – in the long run – a potential better capital appreciation of your Italian home, since quality properties tends to appreciate better in the years.

If you are looking to invest .....

In addition a mortgage can be particular advantageous if you are after a more investment purchase.

Thanks to the Realitalia business model you can rely on a proper Management System in place, which will allow you to obtain an effective international promotion and management of your property in Italy if you wish to let it out.

In addition by using a mortgage your purchase power could increase substantially and you will be able to rationalize and diversify better your investment in the real estate markets in Italy.

In Italy there are more and more banks, brokers and professionals who can help you with your enquiries and applications.

For a more concrete approach we have developed the buy to let case studies that you find in the Investment Property section.

To discuss it further, please call us +44 (0)20 7851 4456 or write to us, we will promptly contact you back. We will also be happy to put you in contact with the firms we normally work with who may help you with the financing of your property in Italy.