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Our Homes in Tuscany: The most beautiful swimming pool ever seen?


Of course I cannot say it for sure, I have not visited all the swimming pools in Tuscany…. but this one – at Ville degli Olivi, our Italian property in Tuscany – is  really extremely rare.

At 90 seconds walk from the main square of Lajatico, a Tuscan village with 1.500 residents, where – among other things – Andrea Bocelli and his brother Alberto (our partner and architect locally) were born, you can purchase this extraordinary swimming pool.

A number of things make it exceptional. Certainly the location, the privacy, the view and the countryside feeling that this Olive Orchard at Ville degli Olivi can offer, despite being in the centre of the Village.

In addition the swimming pool itself is a rare asset.

It features an endless pool function (you can swimming against the current), two whirlpool seats, and – having considered that the project hosts only 8 properties – a remarkable size with almost 100 square meters of water; to give you a comparison to obtain a similar number people/water ratio in a 60/70 units real estate project (or hotel) you should get an almost 900 sq. meters pool!

This swimming pool was also designed and constructed in accordance with the latest technology, as for example the salt water system that makes swimming in this pool healthier compared with traditional pools with chlorine, maintenance easier and less expensive.

It is one of those things: you spend more initially but you gain much more in convenience and maintenance costs in the medium run.

Of course I am aware that many property developers do not think this way, but for us these homes in Italy are as they were our own, and we are proud of it (and we feel our buyers should be aware too).

You are very welcome to come over to visit our swimming pool, perhaps the most beautiful swimming pool ever seen?

You will tell me what you think.

Contact us at any time.

Very best regards,

Luca Catalan