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Our Show Chalet in Limone, a new concept to the local market – Simply better homes Realitalia


A few weeks ago we completed our Show Chalet in Limone.

We feel that the combination of our attention to details, the careful work on the interior design and the deeply thought fitting and furniture, together with the outstanding skills of Fantino Costruzioni (a three generations building firm, expert of historical buildings’ restoration) has contributed to create Italian properties that nobody else has recently tried to build locally.

If you have been following us you know that we just pursue a completely different approach to design and property development in Italy.

We strive to find the best solution before we start, since when you plan a complex project like this, the right solutions need to be thought, tested on paper, modified, thought again etc. Our aim is to develop the best property we can design, and the most effective way to be successful in doing it – in our experience – is to invest energy, time and a lot of thinking at the design phase, since when you start to build is too late.

Even though this principle may look pretty straight forward to you, it is extremely rarely applied, especially in Italy.

We see it a lot, even observing people with a solid experience in building works/design, most of them tend to spend less than necessary resources at the very early phase of the project, rushing into building.

After many years I believe is one of those cultural problems, it is a matter of standard. Probably there is some confusion on the result to be obtained and then, when you are not sure what to do, it looks easier to act than to plan actions properly.

Perhaps there is also a lack of understanding about the importance of planning and timing, since traditionally Italy is a Country where these concepts are not widely recognised.

For us it is really clear though, our aim is simply to create better homes, Italian properties that can be conveniently enjoyed, homes for the joy of living…..

We are very proud of the result, again for this Show Chalet.

We feel it matches really well the particular situation of Limone, which – at only 75 minute from Monaco and the Cote d’Azur – offers a great opportunity to live an authentic Italian mountain village, 80 km from the sea.

More in general also as an Italian base, Limone works really well.

Located in Piedmont, one of the richest regions in Italy for food and wine traditions, it offers great gastronomic experiences. Just to mention one, Alba itself, the famous capital of the white truffles area, is only about 1 hour driving.

As well as many other interesting Italian historical villages and towns like Cuneo, Mondovi’, Saluzzo, Fossano, old mountain thermes etc. In Limone you have the opportunity to explore a great part of Italy within 1 hour driving, unlikely many other mountain resorts.

Come over to Limone to see our Show Chalet, it is the result of some specific choices and a lot of work, I think you will like it.

And of course contact us, should you wish to receive a copy of our hard-cover Brochure.

Please write to me directly at anytime to discuss this further.


Luca Catalano