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Pisa airport with its 16 UK destinations is one of the best in Italy



It was interesting to read on Italia Magazine of April that Pisa airport with its 16 UK destinations (Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, LDN Gatwick, LDN Heathrow, LDN Luton, LDN Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle) looks in the list as one of the best connected airport in the whole Italy, with more UK destinations than Venice, Bergamo, Milan and even Rome!


I also checked at the airport direct and found out that additional destinations are very many and not only in Europe: you can see the map of all cities you can fly to from Pisa (the 2010 destinations map was kindly supplied by the Società Aeroporto Toscano S.p.a.).

Considering that in 2000 the airport could count about 1.2 ml passengers and in 2010 more than 4 ml, it looks like they have done an excellent job.

In fact, just to follow to one of my recent Blog (Italian trains are getting better, a responsible way to travel to large Italian cities), Pisa airport is also one of the few in Italy directly connected to the train network.

Beside the outstanding beauty of this part of Italy, an easy access is an excellent news for you and your family members, since allow you to travel to your Home in Tuscany conveniently, quickly, being able to take advantage also of short breaks.

It is a very good news also for your guests, if you decide to let your Italian property out, and – more in general – for tourism in this area, being relatively undeveloped compared with other more well-known parts of Tuscany.

By the way Ville degli Olivi and Borgo in Chianni are at about 40 minutes from the airport, which means you can even decide not to rent a car if you wish so, since a taxi would be inexpensive.

This fact greatly helps not only your own enjoyment but also your income in case of letting, should you wish to let your property in Italy when you do not use it.

Ultimately I think this would create a strong potential capital appreciation of your property in Italy as well as a great opportunity for you and your family.

Feel free to contact me to discuss the matter in more details.

Very best regards,