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Property in Piedmont


Piedmont is a large Italian Region North West of Italy. It edges with Liguria, Lombardia, Val D’Aosta and the Alps/France.

This Italian region is well known for its antique food and wine tradition. In some parts of Piedmont it is produced among the very best wine in the word (some examples are Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto as well as the sparkling white wines made from the Moscato grape). Also the quality of the meat produced in this area is outstanding and Alba – among other towns – is internationally acclaimed for its white Truffle festival, normally held each year around the second part of October.

Beside many historical cities and towns Piedmont offers a large variety of ski resorts, more than 50, making it one of the most important ski area in Italy.

Limone Piemonte is one of those ski resorts. This montain village features a good ski domain, a romantic montain feeling, thanks to the characteristic historical centre, and of course an outstanding offer for food and wine.

Limone enjoys a particular advantageous location too. Being at circa 1 hour from the sea, and 75 minutes to Monaco and the Cote d’Azur, it gives the opportunity to non-Italians to get the perfect Italian base to explore a super-interesting part of Italy and France.

To reach Limone you can fly to Turin, Cuneo, Genoa and of course Nice, at about 1 and half hour by car (only around 65 miles).

Ski homes and chalets Piedmont


Normally in Limone it is rare to find larger homes than one/two bedroom Italian property. It is virtually impossible to buy a proper individual chalet, build in accordance with local building traditions in stone and wood.

When it comes to location it is getting even more difficult: large independent Italian montain houses near to the slopes are just not there.

For this reason we are particularly keen on the ski-in and ski-out chalets of Milliborgo that offer you the possibility to purchase your own proper individual chalet ON THE SLOPES, from which you can acces the ski-domain, putting on your skis at your door-step.

Ski apartments Piedmont


We have always thought that common parts and facilities as well as management play an essential part of a second home abroad.

At the Holiday Home Ski Resort and SPA you will be able to enjoy a number of common services – being an holiday home resort, this includes a properly letting system – and common areas that include a SPA, ideal in a montain resort but – at the time of writing – the only private SPA in the village of Limone.

These montain apartments can be customised, creating larger units and also semi-detached chalet with 3 and more bedrooms. They offer views, privacy, outside spaces and an excellent access, with underfloor garages and cellars conveniently connected to these Italian homes by lifts.


Ski-in and Ski-out Chalets Milliborgo, Limone (CN)

Holiday Home Ski Resort & SPA, Limone (CN)