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Realitalia 7 Pleasures

  • Pleasure of supportive impartial advice  
  • Pleasure from the start

    We take the time to get to know you and assess your needs. With properties all over Italy, we can give you unbiased advice on its different regions as well as full information on our homes. We pride ourselves on providing impartial advice – even when that means telling you a home may not be right for you. What’s more, we are happy to reserve homes for a short time, allowing you to organise your visit without pressure. We won’t rush you, because we’re in this for the pleasure of it too, and our priority is to help ensure you make the right choice to enjoy your home for many years to come.  



  • Pleasure of location and amenities
  • Pleasure of peace and place
    Living a busy life, we value locations with green views and good local services that free us from our cars. That’s why we plan our homes with appropriate nearby amenities for each project, ranging from swimming pools and bars to spa centres [photo link] and sports facilities [photo link]. For the same reason, our homes are almost always located close to villages, towns of interest and airports, but not too close. Generous space around our homes without any noisy roads is equally important. Having space and peace to relax in with the option of active leisure – that’s what pleasure’s all about!

  • Pleasure of intelligent design
  • Pleasure of light and space
    Enjoying life as you lounge on the sofa, soaking up the birdsong and beautiful views immersed in light, or sipping an aperitif on your terrace as the sun sets while you prepare a barbeque with friendsÂ… These are the moments at the heart of your home and the reason why we design every Realitalia home to bring you the best views, most light and comfortable outside space for peace and privacy. Sound simple? It all actually requires a surprising amount of work and ingenuity, but with Realitalia you’ll never know the pains we take so you can enjoy those pleasures, whatever your budget and whichever home you choose.
  • Pleasure of making a home your own
  • The pleasure of who you are

    At Realitalia we understand the importance of creativity and the pleasure of making your home an expression of who you are. We provide a wide choice of customisation options which include many high quality-materials so you can create your living space as you desire. We are always happy to advise you how to achieve what you want as cost-effectively as possible, and offer complete furniture and design services for your interiors, conceived so that you always choose and control the level of our involvement. Because we know that creating a comfortable home which reflects your character, tastes and values is one of life’s great pleasures.

  • Ethical pleasures
  • Ethical pleasures

    Realitalia has been committed to ecological building from the very start as one of the first members of the UK Green Building Council and a signatory of the Concordat A commitment to building zero-carbon homes by 2016. We apply stringent criteria to our choice of materials, insulate thoroughly to ensure energy-efficient comfort in summer and winter alike, and use the latest green technologies. All our homes are designed with real respect for their environment and local communities, ensuring harmonious integration and an ecological footprint you can be proud of.

  • Pleasures of privacy and community
  • Pleasures of privacy and community

    Every Realitalia home is designed for privacy, but you will also find yourself close to like-minded Italian, English and other international owners, meaning you can enjoy a stimulating social life if that’s what you desire. Many enduring friendships have begun this way.

  • Pleasure for years to come
  • Pleasure for years to come

    All Realitalia building work, fixtures and fittings are of proven quality to provide years of trouble-free service with low maintenance costs. In addition, many projects include the option of a service structure for cleaning, maintenance and emergency repairs so you can enjoy total peace of mind, even when you’re away. Similarly, organised letting systems allow you to generate income from your home whenever you wish. These are just a few examples of how Realitalia’s vision of homes for pleasure aims to make absolutely every aspect of your home an uninterrupted pleasure for years to come. Because life is for living.