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The Realitalia Freehold Managed Homes concept delivered more effectively now: Your Advantage Section

I am proud to announce the launch of the new Realitalia web site.

It has been a challenging work for us, which took several months to complete.

I find the development of a web-site particularly difficult. 

It combines technical complexities with the essential need to be direct and simple in presenting the information. This requires a continuos coordination between the technical side of the matter and effective communication: a challenging exercise.

Eventually I feel we have achieved much.

I am particularly happy about the fact that we have now managed to convey into one main section – Your Advantages – the 7 aspects that make a Realitalia Freehold Managed Home different to anything else available in the market (at least as far as I am ware!).

Of course the most important fact is the Realitalia Management System that delivers a unique feature with your Italian Homes: a properly organized management service, affordable and effective.

I will write about the Realitalia Management System and its innovation in the future to explain how we have achieved this favorable ratio between cost and results, but in a few words it is the professional Letting Management Service that – together with the right economy of scale and a proper design of the property – helps an efficacious delivery of the other management services, the Basic Management Services to the Owners and the Optional Management Services to the Owners and the Guests.

There many other important new aspects that make realitalia.co.uk better, more straight forward, more navigable, more complete etc. just to mention one example the improved Search function allows users to highlight the really important aspects of these homes from architectural features to distance from nearest village. This gives you more transparency and a much better overview on the Realitalia Italian Properties.

Of course there are things that require attention, so we rely on you to spot things that do not work property and/or need improving.

Please write to us with your suggestions/comments.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best regards,

Luca Catalano (Mr) – l.catalano@realinvest.co.uk