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Realitalia Ski-Chalet 1 goes under offer – Realitalia Interior Design Solution – Limone

Last week also the holiday home Chalet no 1 at Villa Almellina Estate went under offer.
I take this opportunity to spend a few words on how it normally works with our off-plan properties for sale, from the reservation to the Preliminary Contracts and more.
All our off-plan properties are conceptualised as Realitalia Concept Designs.
Basically we produce our “suggestions” on how our properties could be developed, designed, fitted and furnished and we publish these sketches in the Realitalia web-site.
One of the really valuable things of buying a Property with us is that our future Owner  – you – can say a lot about how you actually want their future Italian Home to be.
Of course there are limitations, both on the planning and on the construction level, but Fantino Costruzioni and we will do our absolutely best to make you happy, and most of the times we are successful in doing so!
In this case for example we have found the way to make Chalet 1 larger (considerably so actually) and to accomodate a 40 square meters garage in the Chalet capable to host two cars.
At the same time, when we talk with you to develop a final version of your Chalet, we also create the first draft of our Interior Design Solution to be proposed to you, the strength of which is actually to be developed at the very same time than the Property final design. This allows us to achieve a level of consistency (and completeness) that is impossible otherwise, with an already built property or with a less extreme coordination.
So – for example – at a preliminary stage of your concept design we would already been able to submit specific suggestions for the light fittings, the furniture, the appliances, the kitchen, the garden furniture, and then the soft furnishing etc.
Together with you – as the future Owner – we will work towards a more advanced version (and then final), creating a personalised Realitalia Interior Design Solution that will be implemented building your Ski-Chalet in Limone.
From day one, once the Chalet will be completed, it will also be furnished, fitted and completely decorated in accordance with the Interior Design Solution that you an we together have agreed……
This is an image of Chalet 3’s master bedroom two days prior to delivery to the further owner:

Contact me direct for any additional info, and/or to discuss your new Ski-Chalet in Limone.