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Realitalia web-site gets better with also a direct link to the rental Systems we contributed to create in the last couple of years


We just completed some some extensive re-modeling work to the Realitalia web-site, making browsing the site much simpler, more pleasing on an aesthetic level, and ultimately, more effective.

The introduction of a ‘Rentals’ page is perhaps the most significant development, both in terms of the site’s structure and its effectiveness. This link, clear and visible in the site’s margins, takes visitors straight to a page that has a clear layout and an easily-discernable message. It is absolutely vital that a call to action is always within easy reach of a potential customer, and the new rentals page created by realitalia ensures exactly this. The rentable properties are displayed in a small range of photographs, giving an impression without being overbearing, and concise, ‘to-the-point’ links bring the visitor to the point of sale.

New developments on the site have included a re-styling of the ‘Home’ and the ‘About Us’ pages. This re-styling was done for a number of reasons; to make them more in line with property sector expectations, to bring the images of the properties to the fore, and to make the site more navigable.

The changes are also testament to the power of simplification. Making text easily-readable, with plenty of white backing space, and having everything conform to a single-line flow can make a massive difference to how visually pleasing a site is. That, in turn, can have a massive impact on the efficacy of a site in bringing customers to action.

The ‘Home’ page in particular is a wonderful illustration of how proper and diligent organisation can make a big difference to a business site. Simply by arranging the central images in a vertical row, with clearly demarcated sections and visible labels, the ‘Home’ page now leaves every visitor under no illusions as to what the company does, the type of service it supplies, and where they can go from there. The page shares a great deal with the new ‘Rentals’ page, in terms of simplicity and effectiveness.

For a home page, this is exactly what you want; any customer should be one click away from the page where they are called to action, and it should always be clear where that click is to be found. Realitalia has here done it in the simplest, and perhaps most effective, manner. That is, placing relevant images underneath a bold link that states exactly what the product is. It is tempting for any visitor to click on the links, regardless of how interested in the properties they are, and this is how sales are generated.

The ‘About Us’ section is a fine example of concise, simple text that relays information while conveying the strength of the product that you have to offer. Making sure that such sections are contained in an attractive space, with an un-abrasive colour scheme and neat lines, vital for making browsing a site enjoyable and rewarding.

As far as site shake-ups go, this is nothing spectacular, but in terms of effectiveness, it is excellent. Traffic is sure to increase, and visitors will doubtless appreciate the simplistic layouts.

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