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Can’t Miss Event of the Season: The Sagra del Cinghiale Festival in Chianni, Tuscany



It may seem off-season for a trip to Italy for the rest of the world, but in the Chianti Pisano town of Chianni, the festivities are just beginning! The 35th Annual Sagra del Cinghiale begins the weekend of November 12-14 and wraps up the following weekend, November 18-21.

Traditionally sagras, or local festivals, involve abundant food, wine, historic recreation and sporting events. And during this time of year in the Chianni region, one of the main courses you will experience is wild boar! Imagine feasting on wild boar as you take in traditional dance and antique fashion!


For the Sagra del Cinghiale, people come from all around, including the neighboring cities of Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Genoa and Milan to sell local food and other products. And we invite you as well, not only to partake in these exciting festivities going on in the Chianti Pisano city of Chianni, but to come and see Realitalia’s Italian property in Chianni.

Our vacation homes are located throughout Italy, and our Italian properties in Chianni are still in development. But we have Show Rooms that will make you wonder why you’re not already calling Realitalia “home.”

Our homes in Italy are all about comfort, convenience, and giving every guest the experience of a lifetime. . . because there is no luxury without convenience.

We would love you to come see the quality of our Italian homes while enjoying the wondrous Sagra del Cinghiale!

We also offer you our IN Toscana MAP, connecting the three pieces of our Golden Triangle between Florence, Lucca and Siena.

It offers insights and suggestions on great places to stay, eat and enjoy all that Tuscany has to offer. Just comment below or visit our Contact Page and leave us your address, and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of our IN Toscana MAP, so you can begin planning your trip immediately!

Come visit Tuscany, and frolic in the joys of the local Sagra del Cinghiale, where food, drink and festival join together in an Italian tradition that dates back centuries. And while you’re here, visit our Show Room and our exquisite Chianni Italian property, where you will be within walking distance of the sagre.

Don’t wait, come experience this annual tradition with Realitalia property in Italy.