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Sembra che ci sia sempre stata! Borgo in Chianni



It was good to listen to an old man of the village who – visiting this first house at Borgo in Chianni – said: Sembra che ci sia sempre stata! (it looks like it has always been there).


The work of our local partners and our work is focused on several essential aspects, one of which is certainly to build houses that look right, with a lot of character, despite being new.

It is one of those things easy to say but much more complicated to do, since there are many things that can go wrong.

In Italy as well as in other countries this attention has been much insufficient and too many new built buildings have lost their character being "disconnected" from the their own territory.

For us it is a matter of consistency, and at the end of the day of doing things right for our property in Italy, in the best way we can.

This approach brings a number of consequences, very relevant to us.

First of all to build properties that are consistent where they belong to normally means to build them with products of that particular area.

In other words to use know-how, people and materials that can be found locally. It is an important aspect that helps also to preserve traditions, keeping jobs and people on their land.

Secondly it is a matter of social responsibility. These products will tend to be closer and so will need to travel less to be installed, to apply the logic of the zero kilometre doctrine so relevant to gastronomy, where the effort is to use products that originate from that particular area.

These aspects are important to us and to most of people I talk to for various reasons. They can create a certain lifestyle and a more responsible approach to these properties in Italy but also to generate more capital appreciation potential (and better returns), since these attentions will contribute to make your property in Italy more sustainable, longevous and desirable in the future.

Feel free to contact me direct to discuss the matter.

I look forward to meeting you in Italy to show our Italian property.

Very best regards,

Luca Catalano (Mr)