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Simply Better Homes: thinking about things early, to achieve more


I like "Simply Better Homes", it reflects basic facts that make the Italian homes we design, develop and promote substantially better than many other properties you normally find, especially in Italy.

In fact we have one main priority: YOU!

Well our priority is actually to create an environment that is enjoyable, easily manageable and energy sustainable, in other words Simply Better.

It is first of all the aim to use the space effectively, internally and externally, and – more in general – to ask the right questions at the right time: off-plan, when we can still take decisions that can lead to a better property.

It has a lot to do with timing: at which stage we ask our-selves the important questions. Many other real estate developers do so very late, leaving a lot to be decided during construction when they suffer substantial constrains, which limit their capacity to do as much as they could have done with the views, the light, the privacy of your holiday home in Italy.

It is hard to try to plan things in advance, to imagine problems and solutions at an early stage, to spend a vast amount of resources when it might appear superflous, but it is essential.

This is an exercise that starts much earlier than the building site…. when these Italian real estate initiatives are thought on paper before they start.

The Intelligent Design is basically this, it is a lot about thinking before things become a problem.

Our Furniture Package are a good example of these concepts applied to practice. All our properties are normally furnished (and fitted) off-plan to make sure that our layouts allow an effective use of space with standard size furniture, without having to use customized items that are expensive and a lot of management.

Our Management Systems though are the most important example of our appetite of planning. Work on their organization starts with the basic design of the project, from the remote controlled utilities to improve management effectiveness to another million of aspects that make our Systems effective but especially affordable.

At the end of the day these Italian homes are Simply Better Homes, literately.

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Luca Catalano (Mr)