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So Far, So Good – The Growth Surprise


Over the weekend I was happy to read page 38 of this weeks The Economist.

There was an article – “So far, So Good – The Growth Surprise” – about the encouraging, if not surprising, economic growth in the UK for the third quarter.

This great news should help the tough Mr. G. Osborne’s attempt to return the country’s accounts to safer levels. It also supports those who think that the country is well on its way towards a recovery … slow as it may seem.

This means one of two things for potential second home buyers, especially for people interested in buying property in Italy:

1. As the economy begins to recover, the value of your first home will likely begin to regain its value. Loans, credit, and net worth will increase to what they were before these economically challenging times.

2. As the economy begins to recover, property for sale in Italy will also likely begin to increase in value, as well as prices.

What do these things mean for you? It means that right now is probably the best possible time to invest in Italian property, especially with RealItalia.

In fact with us, your Italian home will not only offer you a lifestyle opportunity, but also can give you significant short-term returns on your investment, as well as considerable future potential capital appreciation.

With RealItalia’s three tier property management system, you can rely on a proper management system for your Italian home and on a superior letting management (and promotion) that allows you to let your property professionally, without doing any work. Everything is sorted for you, your property internationally marketed, and let … then you reap the benefits.

Don’t wait for another recession to find your real estate in Italy where it is right now. This is your chance to own your Italian home where the market can truly work for you.

We always say that there is no luxury without convenience, and right now, RealItalia Freehold Managed Property, and this opportunity is as convenient as it gets for you!

Let me know your thoughts on this blog by commenting below. And of course feel free to request a brochure for any of our fantastic Italian properties by visiting our Request a Brochure page; we’ll contact you with more information about RealItalia and give you all the details you desire about the Italian property of your dreams!