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The most important one: Design

Yesterday morning I went to meet my accountant.

His office is a 12 stores building, which I do not think is older than 30/35 years. Each floor hosts either 2 or 3 units, normally quite large. Most of them are offices.

The entrance is basically a corridor that leads to two 4 people lifts…

I waited 6 minutes and somebody told me that sometime at lunch time or in the morning you can wait more than 10 ……


It is a lack of design, the space at the entrance is unsuitable to handle the people who normally access the building, and the lifts are incapable to cope with the traffic.

Lack of design produces inconvenience (endless examples every day of our lives), in those more serious cases also danger, but I see it as an opportunity to create advantage and value.

The Intelligent Design is basically this, to create properties thought and designed with a main priority in mind: the owners’ and guests’ joy.

Your comments will be extremely welcome.

Very best regards,

Luca l.catalano@realinvest.co.uk