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The Show Flat at the Resort Casa Vacanza & SPA Dominio San Sebastiano, West Liguria



After many properties completed, fitted and furnished to finalise a home is still one of the most exiting aspects of this job.

The combination of vision, experience, coordination, timing and effort needed to complete, fit and furnish a property is a complex task, difficult and challenging but satisfactory.

Last week the furniture was delivered to this Two Bedroom Corner Window, one of our Italian home in Liguria, actually the first holiday home finished at the Dominio San Sebastiano Resort, a Premium Realitalia Furniture Package.


Later in the week the fitters approached the various works involved with the completion of this complex job to get a property from an empty space to a liveable, practical ambience, also capable to deliver a certain feeling.


During last week-end Tanja and I approached one of the most rewarding parts of the job, to prepare the home with all those items that give it character, the colours, those details that make the difference between a home that has been assembled casually and one that has been professionally thought and carefully planned.


This week there are still activities going on in the property, to fit the last items, to connect the lights, to sort out little pieces and to replace those items that got damaged etc., and eventually – hopefully next week – we will be able to take final images and let the world know that they now can visit the first holiday home at the Resort fully furnished and fitted.

Our particular attention to the design and the furnishing of our homes in Italy means a lot to our owners, under several aspects.

First of all it means that our Italian properties are fitted and furnished already when they are designed, on paper.

You will not find niches in which you do not know what to fit, since our corners, walls and angles are there to match a rational, convenient and economical way of using the space available.

A strong point of our Intelligent Design priorities is to be able to furnish our homes easily and conveniently using selected furniture manufactures that offer excellent value for money, taking advantage of the "intelligent design" of the property before-hand. It means to be able to furnish it practically, without the need to use customised furniture, expensive and very inefficient (bot for the time needed to be designed/produced and for the extra money it involves).

Secondly it means that our homes in Italy are thought consistently, they can offer real character, they say something about their owners and about what (and where) they are.

Being designed professionally with absolute freedom, each single piece is just right, it does not need to meet any other requirement other than being right for that particular property, that particular style and location. The furniture, the fitting, the lights, the accessories, the small and big choices are made on the basis of a consistent use of the space, to obtain the result you – as the owner – want to achieve.

Thirdly it means that we start and finish on time! Taking care of the big and small aspects of your home in Italy, in a way that from day 1 you can enjoy your holiday homes in Italy at full speed, thinking only about enjoying yourself and spending time with your family.

Fourthly it means value for money, we avoid as much as possible to use customised items, and we do have a good buyer power, which means that – for example at Dominio San Sebastiano – one of our Premium Furniture Package would normally stay under 10% of the value of the property and one of our standard Furniture Packages around 5%, a remarkable achievement having considered the return in term of quality, timing and convenience.

And a Realitalia Furniture Package can make a real difference also to your letting returns, since for experience we know that our Italian homes rent better than average, since people are righty sensitive to quality, design and convenience.

You are very welcome to come over and visit our Show Flat at the Dominio San Sebastiano Resort at any time, we will be happy to offer you a coffe’, and a glass of wine …..

I look forward to meeting you soon at our property in Italy.


Luca Catalano (Mr)