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Complimentary Telephone Session “Where and Why”: to chat on your dream Italian home



I talk to many people who are thinking and/or willing to purchase a property in Italy.

Some time people are knowledgeable and reasonably sure about where to buy and why. Maybe they have specific links with a particular area (friends or relatives), in those cases the choice about "Where and Why" to buy their Italian home is somehow easier.


Nevertheless most of the times I find that people really appreciate the possibility to share information, knowledge about Italy, being able to discuss their point of view and their Italian property search priorities.

At the end of the day Italy is a quite diverse country.

In Italy you can ski in Summer (and of course in Winter). You can visit some of the most exceptional historical cities in the word. You can enjoy beautiful countryside and, driving a few kilometres, spend time on beautiful coast lines.

The variety of choices Italy offers is of course an opportunity to you to really find out what is best for you, but only if you do your homework well!

Sometime I see people who – on the basis of poor information or stereotypes – think they can take the right decision when in fact they have not even considered the important facts. Very often it is a matter of being able to reach the right information easily and quickly.

Talking among us here in the office, we then decided that – during the months of April and May 2011 – we could offer the opportunity of a complimentary telephone session "Where and Why".

A chat dedicated to your ideas, expectations and requirements, during which you can discuss with me direct what actually could be the right locations for your Home in Italy, having considered all the important aspects like price, access, beauty, character etc..

In my experience different people like very different things and Italy can certainly offer many different opportunities.

Feel free to fill in our Request call back form (Ref Where and Why) and I will personally call you back to listen about your requirements for your property in Italy.

I look forward to hearing from you.