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Why a Realitalia home in Italy, the Letting Management and Promotion System

Realitalia Management System


Beside what I personally think is one of the most appealing reasons to buy the right property in Italy: a personal opportunity to improve your quality of life, being exposed to a different (more genuine) way of living; another important reason is to put a foot on the "property ladder".

Realitalia Management System

Capital appreciation together with letting income are usually two important reasons why people are keen about buying a property (and a property in Italy too).

In the last couple of years capital appreciation in many countries has not been great. Prices have not decreased much but they have not increased much either.

The Italian real estate market has actually been quite stable and increasingly better from Spring 2010 compared with the two previous years, mainly thanks to the good demand by Italian buyers, for this reason Italy actually behaved considerably better than other overseas markets.

In any event, even when the market has been soft, letting has been really good.

In the few cases we know closely, letting grew considerably both in 2009 and in 2010, creating a source of income to property owners, who could not only get economic resources from their Italian Homes but also enjoy their own Italian escape.

Nevertheless in order to take advantage of the letting market you need a proper system in place, visible and properly marketed. The system – among other things – has to be simple to use and to enable perspective tenants to collect all the information easily and eventually to reserve (and pay by credit card) their stay directly on the web-site , without the aggravation of a call (and/or an e-mail).

To achieve this you need a proper multilingual system. An infrastructure planned to work effectively at an international standard, on which suitable investment both in term of human and economic resources have been adequately planned (and spent).

The system needs also to be promoted adequately to gain enough visibility in the international market, to achieve those people who are the most desirable clients for your Property in Italy.

In the Realitalia properties you normally can rely on a properly organised Management System that – among other services – enables owners to have access to a professionally organised Letting Management and Promotion System, in our experience, an invaluable asset to your property in Italy. I say invaluable for at least two reasons, again one it is a personal one: to be able to enjoy your Italian home effortlessly and conveniently; the second one is more on a financial level: to rely on a realistic opportunity to gain an income from your property in Italy.

Feel free to contact me direct to discuss the matter in further details.

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