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There are many reasons why the Realitalia property in Italy are “Simply Better Homes”.

To follow you will find the 7 most important ones, which contribute to the Intelligent Design, our way of thinking property.

Of those the proper Management System is probably the most innovative in the Italian market.

It can make a real difference to you as the owner (and to the guests of our properties in Italy). Especially if – by purchasing your home in Italy – you are making a lifestyle choice but you still want to obtain a good letting potential, when you do not use your Italian property.

Or simply if you want to be able to enjoy your Italian home carefree, thanks to the support of a properly organized on-site system.

The Realitalia vision to the Management of our Italian property began in the early 2000 with a very ambitious goal: to contribute to create properly managed holiday homes at a fraction of the maintenance costs the market normally had offered.

The concept on how the management services are designed and interact each-other is rather important:

The Basic Management Services, The Optional Management Services and the Letting Management and Promotion work together to create a favorable economy of scale and a properly organized system capable to offer to owners and guests the best possible management services, at an affordable cost.

Tuscany Interior

 Basic Management Services.

The following is a list of the Basic Management Services offered by the Management System, normally available in the Realitalia projects.

They may vary from project to project and can produce different costs to Owners, nevertheless Realitalia works very hard with the Development Company on the organization of the Management System and its economy of scale to make sure that the Basic Management Services as well as the Optional Management Services are effective and represent good value for money for the Owners and the Guests.

Generally speaking – once the projects are up and running – we strive to keep the Basic Management Services at a cost to Owners that range from 0.50 to 0.75% per year on the Property value.

The Basic Management Services are designed to maximize the enjoyment of owning your Realitalia Home and normally include:

  • Meet & Greet Check-in/Check-out service by local manager
  • On-site initial assistance in setting up monthly services for utilities such as gas, electricity, satellite, or other monthly payments
  • On-site common-property management and key holding management services to Owners
  • Mail sorting and management in preparation of mail forwarding
  • Common parts basic management for such things as swimming pools, solarium, gardens, barbecues, Wi-Fi connections, etc. (management only, repairs and other costs are of course in addition)
  • The possibility to obtain the Optional Management Services, normally at a straight hourly fee
  • The possibility to obtain a professional Letting Management and Promotion of your home, if you wish
  • Assistance and management with the coordination of urgent repairs (management only, the actual cost of repair as well as the management of the work – if needed – is not included).

 SPA Interior

Optional Management Services and concierge services. These are private services that the Management System offers to the Realitalia Owners (and Guests) at advantageous terms, thanks to an effective organization of the Management System and its favorable economy of scale. 

These services are normally available for a hourly fee without additional charges, depending on each single project.

In the event a Hotel is on-site, the variety of service provided could encompass a wider range and may include the following: 

  • Access to facility services such as wellness spa treatments, personal trainer, baby village etc.
  • Extensive preparation of your home at your arrival
  • Shopping baskets upon arrival
  • Daily cleaning,  laundry and pressing services
  • Private gardening and landscape services
  • Management of linen and towels (typically available for rental properties)
  • Preparation of romantic dinner at home (normally in cooperation with a local restaurant)
  • Local assistance in the organization of cosmetics, coiffure, or massage appointments, local tourist site seeing, regional event ticketing, travel assistance with airlines, car rental, baby sitting services, and Italian language lessons
  • Management of extra administration services, such translations, accounting services etc.
  • Management of repairs, private maintenance works etc.

 Colletta di Castelbianco

Letting Management and Promotion. If you wish to rent your property out, the Management System will do it for you professionally.

In the event a Hotel is on-site, the variety of service provided could encompass a wider range and may include the following:

  • State of the art letting on line system that allow a proper management of your home available for letting. The system contains for your rental guests several pictures of your property as well as a detailed floor plan, the possibility to check availability straight away and to book their stay without having to rely on human contact. The guest is normally able to complete the transaction immediately thanks to the credit card automatized payment system
  • Normally operating your Home on the Management System letting web-site you choose when to rent, for how long and you decide for what price
  • Check in and out, local assistance to the Guests, cleaning and linen management without your intervention
  • A proper marketing campaign both on the appropriate magazines and Newspaper and on-line so that you know your home will be effectively promoted
  • Additional PR and marketing exposure through Realitalia property sales activities on the Project
    Complete end-to-end local guests’ management for quality service experience
  • The Optional Management Services are available to Guests too, this – together with the professional on-line letting system – creates an unparalleled international standard of your Italian Home that would be hard to find in Italy

Rental fees and costs vary from project to project depending on the level of service and promotion required for successful letting but typically start at around 35% of the gross rental price. In the event of a Hotel letting management and promotion fee tend to be higher. 

Bergeggi view

Luxury specificationsThe word "luxury" is quite abused in the real estate world so how are we going to prove that in this case it lives up to your expectations?

The best of course would be for you to come and visit our Show Flats but we will try to explain our concept here also with a few words.

Due to our commitment to build Zero Carbon Homes by 2016 (Realitalia was one of the first private membership of the UKGBC) our choice of materials goes far beyond today’s legislation avoiding future necessary investments.

Our specifications foresee for most materials like tiles, wooden floor, doors, windows or sanitary etc 3-10 times higher prices than market standard.

You will probably be surprised to learn that this extra spending ads only about 10.000 euros of cost to each flat but widens your choice of material from basic to often luxury levels and pushes the value of your property far beyond the cost.
To give you a few examplesIn traditional style homes we use reclaimed or specially treated handmade cotto tiles and wooden planks that look like the original. Our doors are of real wood designed in the original style including hinges and handles.

For the modern style homes there is a large selection of designer tiles, sanitary and taps while the window are thermally isolated triple glass….. insulating better than 50cm walls.

Both style homes hide the most advanced technology behind their walls, for example the remote controlled utilities allowing you to switch the heating on/off or get your electricity consumption over the computer, or doors that open with key or code so you don’t have the trouble of passing on the keys (and this makes the management of your Home in Italy much more efficent). 

Umbria Interior

Design Options, customization of your homeThe design of your new home is often the most fun part of the purchase and as such we like to see our clients enjoying themselves so we try to leave them as many options as possible.

With us it is like buying a rustico and doing it up yourself, just without the risk of errors and you get your dream home faster.

The following is a list of some of the Design Options that we helped our Realitalia owners to realize in the past:

  • Merge or Subdivide rooms
  • Create independent bed/bathrooms with private entrance
  • Create larger kitchens or additional bedrooms
  • Create additional bathroom in Master bedroom
  • Move non-weight bearing walls
  • You have the selection of all tiles, wall colors and textures
  • You can remove bidet or substitute bathtub with shower


All this is free of charge as long as it does not create any extra costs for the project. This is why it is so important to buy early and make decisions early.

You will be given 1 hour complimentary interior design consultation with an architect or interior designer who knows the unit you are buying plus 30 minutes complimentary CAD re-drawing on your decisions by phone or in person whenever possible.

Our Schedule of Works is normally very high standard so you should be able to redesign your flat with little or no extra costs.

We often even include flowers and plants in the private gardens to guarantee that the whole project will be nice looking.

To understand more about the Realitalia Intelligent Design please visit our Furniture Package page.In any case just because you buy from a developer don’t think you do not have a freedom of choice and let your creativity flow.

With us you will have the choice of being guided while maintaining control of your design and in the end you will have a beautifully home, designed for you, by you. 

Umbria Interior

Furniture Packages, to get your home fully furnished and fitted on the day of delivery

Ecological and Social ResponsibilityRealitalia has been committed to ecological building from the very start as one of the first private members of the UK Green Building Council and a signatory of the Concordat A Commitment to Building Zero-Carbon Homes by 2016. 

  • We apply stringent criteria to our choice of materials, insulate thoroughly to ensure energy-efficient comfort in summer and winter alike, and use the latest green technologies. 
  • Our Homes are designed with real respect for their environment and local communities, ensuring harmonious integration and an ecological footprint you can be proud of.

The cost of ecoconstruction especially when planned at the beginning of a project are surprisingly low and will be recovered after a few years of use. The eco construction will provide substantial savings for you in the long run.

Luckily we mostly refurbish existing properties so we don’t add a lot of bricks or cement to the landscape but return existing building to their original splendor making villages more beautiful. 

  • We plan our marketing activities together with some of the local hotels and restaurants (or even give them free marketing like our Tuscany’s Map). 
  • They will profit from clients that come to visit our site and later on from clients that own the property and invite friends and family. 
  • Our Management System creates jobs in the local community and facilitates to get to know each other. 
  • We plan our Projects in a way that they are seen by the local community as a positive addition and work very hard to make sure our homes create value in the territory both from an architectural and cultural point of view.

To discuss it further, please call us +44 (0)20 7851 4456 or write to us, we will contact you back immediately.